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Casa del Rio, Melaka

Located 148km southeast of Kuala Lumpur, Casa del Rio nestles in the historic town of Melaka, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Meaning 'Home by the River' in Spanish, the hotel is perfect starting point to experience the rich cultural heritage of Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch and Straits Chinese.

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Casa del Rio, Melaka

Dining Specials

10 May 2015 - 10 May 2015

Celebrating Mom, Queen of Heart & Home

Casa del Rio - Tea Time Experience at River Cafe13 Nov 2014 - 31 Dec 2015

Tea Time Experience at River Cafe
There's now more to choose from for your tea time by the River

Saturday Barbeque Night - Casa del Rio Melaka6 Sep 2014 - 31 Dec 2015

Seafood-on-Ice vs Grilled-Perfection

Casa del Rio Melaka: Steamboat by the River

Steamboat by the River
Enjoy getting together with family & friends over a steamboat set dinner here at your Home by the River, Casa del Rio Melakae by the River, Casa del Rio Melaka

Casa del Rio Melaka: Peranakan “Tingkat” Lunch by Chef Baba William

Peranakan 'Tingkat' Lunch by Chef Baba William
Savour authentic Peranakan cuisine by the Melaka River.


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