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Casa del Rio, Melaka

Located 148km southeast of Kuala Lumpur, Casa del Rio nestles in the historic town of Melaka, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Meaning 'Home by the River' in Spanish, the hotel is perfect starting point to experience the rich cultural heritage of Portuguese, Arabic, Dutch and Straits Chinese.

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Casa del Rio, Melaka


The History of Melaka

The impressive and colourful history of Melaka spans a period of over 600 years. The state was ruled in turn by the Melaka Sultanate, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the British, the Japanese, the British again, until Malaya finally became an independent nation in 1957.  In 1963, Malaya incorporated Sabah and Sarawak to become Malaysia.  A nation of many different cultures and races.  All this began here in Melaka, at the Heart of History.

To this day, researchers and archeologists are still discovering more remnants of the different peoples who colonised Melaka and left their traces in the people, architecture and culture.